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Love in music, cérémonie de mariage, anniversaire

A vocal, musical professional, and personalized delivery for your event. 
Specialized in the Gospelwe also provide you with a wide variety of musical styles:  
Love songs, Soul, Pop, Jazz, International variety

Music styles

Des chantres gospel professionnel en France


Entré de mariage avec chanson gospel

Love Songs

Musique jazz & soul pour mariage

Jazz & Soul

Musique pour soirée privée



Haven't had a chance to hear us yet?
Take the time to enjoy some songs from the repertoire that Love in Music has specially prepared for you:

Need a group of singers ?

Love in Music accompany you from the entrance music of the bride and groom through your reception, until the end of your meal during the evening

We perform in the Paris region, in the provinces, and also internationally 


With a wide repertoire of songs to its continually renewed credit, Love in Music also adapts to your wishes as well as yourmusical favorites.


Our services

 Couple de jeunes mariés s'embrassant devant un groupe de musique gospel en arrière-plan.

From the ceremony to the wine reception, we accompany you in songs throughout this very special day.


Browse our tailor-made formulas and see together how to make them meet your wishes.

Image de Tengku Nadia

Love in Music also occurs for your banquets, your birthdays or other festive day that you organize. 


We help and advise you to bring to your event this unique musical touch that you want.

About us

Meilleur groupe de musique pour mariage et autres évènements en France

Gabriel, Lyzah, Carly, Michelangelo, Esther, Keth, Anja, Daniel

Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Saxophonist, Pianist, Guitarist.. 

We are singers and musicians who have practiced singing and music from an early age in different events during large public or private gatherings.

Our objective is simple: aim for musical excellence and provide you with a memorable musical experience.

SPecialized in the Gospel, we also provide you with a wide variety of mu styles.sicals: Ballads, Love songs, Soul, Pop, Jazz, Afro-Caribbean Variety

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